Happy Dragons


What are Happy Dragons?

Happy Dragons are cute collectable dragon figures, that are well, Happy. Each dragon is between 3" to 5" tall made of high quality cast polystone and hand-painted.  Lovingly hand-made here in the US! All dragons from start to finish are hand-made in small batches here in Texas. From the original sculpture, to casting, sanding & then painting each dragon is unique! 

There are 2 lines in the Happy Dragons Collection. Birthstone Dragons, which feature a different color dragon with the birthstone for that month, and Happy Dragons 12 different cute dragons just having fun. 

Be warned why Happy Dragons do look cute they can bite & are not toys & not recommended for children under 12 years old. But with a little training these dragons can become perfect companions. 

Licensed Happy Dragons can now also be found in gift shops around the world. While the licensed version that you find are not made by us here in Texas they are based directly off my originals. Licensed Happy Dragons are currently limited to the first 5 dragons in the line and only available in 5 colors. 


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