Happy Dragons

Welcome to our shop! Due to crazy show schedules we don't really have a lot of dragons listed online. You can check out our Etsy Page  where we list dragons after shows, or for a custom painted dragon check out our Patreon Then check out the $50 reward for a completely custom dragon, it's monthly but you can cancel after only one charge if you only want one dragon. Or feel free to contact me via E-mail to know what dragons I have right now! And be sure to click on our Retailers page to see where else you can buy Happy Dragons! 

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Please take a look at the Gallery page here~ to see the colors.  Please note not all colors are shown at this time. This is for the smaller Happy Dragons ONLY. The Birthstone Dragons will be painted like the concept art. 


Now available in 60 different color combinations. Pick your body color and then pick your horn color. Mix and match for the perfect custom dragon!


Body Colors are:

  • "Amethyst" Dark Purple
  • "Lavender" Light Purple
  • "Flame" Red
  • "Ocean" Dark Blue
  • "Moss" Dark Green
  • "Sky" Light Blue
  • "Smoke" Grey/Silver
  • "Magenta" Hot Pink/Purple
  • NEW “Bronze” a Deep Orange 
  • NEW “Wasabi” Bright Green


Horn colors:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Pearl Black
  • Pearl White


Vist my Etsy store for available dragons